Факультет фізики, математики та інформатики

Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics

History of Physics - Faculty of Mathematics

Physics and Mathematics Department of the University is the same age . Moreover, the university since 1930 - Institute of Social Education in Uman , was established two offices , including technical - Mathematics Department . In 1930, the first year of this department were enrolled 30 people. It is this separation is a fundamental principle of the current physical - mathematical faculty .

In the history of the faculty the following main periods of development :

1) 1930-1935 years - the period of education and becoming techno - Mathematics Department , which in 1933 was renamed the Mechanics - mathematical , then - in the mathematical ;

2) 1935-1979 years - the period of operation of Physics - Faculty of Mathematics , which was established on the basis of the Mathematics Department . In 1939 he created the Department of Physics and Mathematics Teachers' Institute Umansky . The first issue of the future teachers of physics and mathematics, received higher

teacher education took place in 1958 ;

Milestone in the lives of Physics - Faculty of Mathematics was in June 1941 . Starting this year, testified intensive processes of faculty development , attraction to teaching the best graduates and scientists. In particular, June 19, 1941 the students and staff of the Teachers' Institute acted Umansky future academician NN Bogolyubov - an outstanding mathematician of the second half of XX century. June 22, 1941 the newspaper " Pravda Collective Farm " informed its readers that Umansky Teachers Institute accepting applications for the 1941-1942 academic year. On the same day the Great Patriotic War . Most teachers and students began to defend the fatherland . Umansky Teachers Institute temporarily adjourned .

Education at the Institute was restored in June 1944 on the physics and mathematics and natural-geographical faculty . First postwar school year began on October 1 , 1944. Desks for the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of 173 students took first and second courses . It should be noted that due to the success of the management of the institute has been saved library collections : recovery commission led by Associate Professor I.V.Pidprigorschuk secretly hid them immured in one of the premises of the current academic body Uman Agrarian University.

The first year after the war worked with staff of the Faculty of especially big load and did all that depended on him to prepare the necessary teaching staff . In the summer of 1945 , the first post-war issue . Diplomas teachers received 52 young graduates , some of them do not even have time to change the military in civilian clothes .

In the second half of the 40 - 60 - ies on the physics and mathematics of all students enrolled annually among other faculties of the institute ; their number is constantly growing - from 158 (1944/1945 BC. ) up to 230 (1960/1961 n . p.).

In connection with the content of polytechnical schooling in Physics and Mathematics at a number of activities to develop the necessary training facilities for training teachers of labor . In 1956, equipped and started training in mechanical , plumbing , carpentry workshops and glass-blowing department of educational workshops. In 1957 he established motor and tractor class . In 1959 he conducted the first set of students on specialty "Physics and work."

Very popular in the faculty student groups used in physics and mathematics . Over the years they have been active participants in students A.Neschadim , L.Puchkova , Y.Zamahovsky , V. Fak , Vladimir Goncharenko , Voloshin, V.Kilimnik , V.Tatarchuk , M.Martinyuk and others. Subsequently , many of them became teachers of the university. Among the students of the faculty held a variety of creative competitions, the most successful students celebrated with various awards . So , math book "Theory of Matrices" was awarded winner Mathematical Olympiad Zamakhovskii IY (1960 p.), Now professor of the faculty.

At the faculty actively working student sports clubs and arts groups . In the early 80 - ies on the faculty worked fruitfully student studio . In particular, she took first place at the All-Union competition for the scenario "Green Gate " (head V.P.Stetsenko , now an assistant professor of computer science and ICT).

In connection with the reorganization of the network of higher educational institutions of the country , the activities of Uman Pedagogical Institute was shifted from teacher training in physics and mathematics - to prepare teachers of labor . As a consequence, since 1976 a set of students to study in the field of physics and mathematics was suspended. But began recruiting students for training in the specialty "teacher of physics and technical disciplines ." As a consequence, the physical and mathematical faculty temporarily ceased functioning , and transformed into the Faculty of Teacher Training and technical disciplines work. Last issue to the future teachers of physics and mathematics took place in 1981.

3) 1976-1995 years - the period of operation of the Faculty of Teacher Training and technical disciplines work, preparing the teachers of labor and physics.

At this time, the training of teachers of physics ( as an additional specialty) The faculty chair " Physics and Mathematics ." Through the efforts of the teachers of this department, educational and material physics laboratories and classrooms mathematical been preserved and , if possible, increase it. Specifically, opened a new training laboratory " The introduction of information technologies in the educational process "

In connection with the restoration of state independence and the development of educational space of Ukraine based on the ideas of democratization of education , intensified scientific - methodical work faculty and the search for new forms of organization of teaching - educational process. As a consequence, only in 1991-1995 teachers of the faculty published nearly 200 scientific papers , including 2 textbooks for secondary school teaching - teaching aids for students of high school , three monographs, articles and abstracts . Research results summarized in reports on different rank scientific conferences . Performed at the Department of the state budget 2 theme " Problems of modernization of the content of physical education in the primary school " and solid mechanics .

As a result, students were allowed to receive training in the specialty " Physics and Mathematics " and " physics and computer science fundamentals ."

In order to bring the name of the Faculty in accordance with the profile of training of future teachers , faculty of teacher training and technical disciplines work was renamed the Department of Physics and Technology .

4) 1995-2001 years - the period of the faculty called Physics and Technology , who was preparing a broad specialists - teachers of physics , mathematics, labor training and the foundations of computer science ;

Currently, the department created three departments : general physics and its teaching methods , theoretical physics and computer science, higher mathematics. Efforts of faculty, staff and students of the Faculty was created 13 teaching laboratories , two methodological study, two computer labs . Protected by three doctoral dissertations ( L.Kipnis , O.Zheleznyak , M.Martinyuk ) . The number of students who studied in the field of physical - mathematical structure more than 200 people .

Thus, we have created all necessary conditions for the resumption of Physics - Faculty of Mathematics , as such.

5) In January 2001, there was a reorganization - physics department . At its base there were two departments: Physics and Mathematics and Technology - Teachers .

During this period, substantially improved training facilities physics laboratories . Open lab " computer simulation of microphysical and astrophysical phenomena ," created an educational - methodical center "Planetarium" , which was the first planetarium built in the educational institutions of Ukraine during the years of its independence. Faculty today is a research center that conducts international and Ukrainian conference . Thus, in 2001-2005, on the basis of physico - mathematical faculty held an international scientific- practical conference "Modern methodical system of teaching physics and astronomy in secondary school ," three -Ukrainian scientific-practical conference on the implementation of information technology training " Computers in the learning process " two Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Problems of didactics of physics in secondary school ." Together with MES - Ukrainian conference held seminar of heads of offices ( Methodist ) Physics and Astronomy regional institutions of postgraduate education of teachers .

At various times, the faculty was headed Babiy VN , AV Kuzhel Borisenko GG , Helen Frenkel Grishchenko NN , Kalenik VI Martynyuk MT Rybak VA Krasnoboky YM , AS Osadchiy . During 2001-2005 pp dean worked EdD, Professor Michael Martynuk Fadeevich . In the past ( 1968 ) - a graduate of Physics - Faculty of Mathematics and Uman State Pedagogical Institute named after Tychiny .

During 2006-2007, dean of the faculty worked Ph.D. in Physics - Mathematical Sciences, Associate Dudik Mikhail in 2008-2011 - Ph.D. - Mathematics, Associate Krasnoboky Yurii . From 2011-2012 BC. the dean of Physics - Faculty of Mathematics and Ph.D. in Physics - Mathematical Sciences , Associate Professor Gennady Khazin .

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