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Educational Center " Planetarium "

16 April 2004 on the physico- mathematical faculty ofUman State Pedagogical University named after PavloTychyna  theeducational center" Planetarium "(SPC "Planetarium") began its work as a laboratory of spherical astronomy.

    The idea of creating spherical astronomy lab is essentially a modern office of school astronomy that would allow more advanced study and popularize astronomy, providing an opportunity to demonstrate clearlyastronomical phenomena belongs to the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy and methods of teaching - MARTYNIUK M.T.

     Active participation in the creation and implementation of this project took part:  the candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent – I.A. Tkachenko, the director of technical issues of Kyiv Regional Planetarium - V. Borovik, as well asteachtrsfaculty  staff and students  of the university. The Educational Center "Planetarium" operates as a center for conducting various educational activities on the physico- mathematical faculty and university as well as an experimental platform for scientific approvals copyright developments in methods of teaching astronomy, physics and computer science.

     For the purpose Planetarium is an academic institution, which produces audio -visual lectures on astronomy and related sciences, shows the starry sky, performs simple astronomical observations. University SPC "Planetarium" is focused directly on the advanced teaching of Natural Sciences and Mathematics courses directly, promotion of basic science, scientific meetings, introduction of modern educational technologiesets. Over the years, SPC "Planetarium" was visited by over 14 thousand visitors indicating of the power of multi-functional use of this service.




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