Факультет фізики, математики та інформатики

Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics

Physics and Mathematics - Faculty, which has been operating for over 75 years since the founding of our university. During the years of its existence for the school has trained more than 10 thousand professionals and educators. However, the need for them keenly felt at the present stage of development of the Ukrainian state. Our students (and there are about 350 ) , studying full-time and part-time , master the profession of teacher of mathematics and computer science, physics and computer science , mathematics, physics, and mathematics.

In the Faculty operates three departments:

  • Physics and Astronomy and Methods of Teaching (Head - Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences , doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Martynyuk M. )
  • Higher Mathematics (Head - Doctor of Science, Professor Kipnis L.)
  • Science and ICT education (Head - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Malezhik M.).
  • The Department operates 51 department employees, including faculty - 38, including 7 professors, doctors, 16 associate professors, candidates of sciences.

Teaching framework

The current resource base allows direct teaching work at the Faculty for the implementation of measures for implementation of the European Credit Transfer System training, improve the content of curricula, courses, introduction of information and communication technology and interactive teaching methods, the role of an independent and individual work of students, introduction of distance courses and learning technologies (e- learning tools, computer training programs).

The faculty is:

  • a reading room ;
  • Educational center «Planetarium»;
  • 6 computer labs;
  • Physical laboratory;
  • Mathematics classrooms.
  • Reading Room
  • Educational Center "Planetarium"
  • Computer classes
  • Physical laboratory
  • The conditions for students free

An interesting and diverse educational work is on the faculty. Students actively participate in cultural and sports activities of the University. They are directly involved in amateur groups and academic circles.

 We created  all opportunities for purposeful activities for spiritual, cultural, and intellectual development.

At the Faculty operates tourist club "Physics and Mathematics - travel", whose main purpose is to organize excursions to local attractions Ukraine and neighboring countries , produced quarterly newspaper "Herald of physics and mathematics" and annually poetry collection "Physics and Mathematics - not only formulas and judgments... "

It has become a tradition of the "Week of Physics and Mathematics", art contests students "Looking for talent", general faculty hike in the woods "Know each other", where the first year students hand in student fees. Bright and mass is celebrating various holidays. The most picturesque features «Student Day» and «Andrew's fair».


Швидкі посилання

Швидкі посилання



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