Факультет фізики, математики та інформатики

Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics

Radio waves of «Physics –FM» - always one step ahead.

   Today the team radio «physics and mathematics -FM» has 3 radio broadcaster and 1 sound engineer.   Radio waves of «Physics -FM» - favorite radio students! The best music content , only actual information content and the best team - that's what makes our faculty favorite and best in the hearts of students. We are always actively communicate with our listeners and knowing all his whims and desires to actively reproduce it in our air.

   Ether «physics and mathematics -FM» 80 % is music, others - various information and announcements. Leading offering listener’s music to your taste as well as the principle of uniform distribution of airtime tunes of different styles and trends of modern music.

   Serious attention is paid to the promotion of national music and Ukrainian artists. The basic principle of our essential policy – «live» radio for everyone - as implemented in direct contact with the audience in the original contests and games on the air .




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