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Leisure students

Leisure students of physics and mathematics faculty are always interesting, exciting and vibrant. After all, as they say - the best student and they have bright moments remembered for a lifetime.

By joining our faculty to students already in the first year tested a scene where the faculty and later at the university level is an annual festive event entitled «Vibrissae talents. The presentation and course.»

Our faculty is great and friendly family. Every year there is a traditional autumn hike in the woods all the friendly faculty and student groups in which is familiar with first-year students . Interestingly in the forest are cooking competition «Cossack porridge» in Kostroma, sports. But the feature of this campaign is dedication of students in their freshman and presentation of student tickets in the circle of our family friendly faculty.

Already in the first semester of the academic year, the Faculty has always made interesting activities. Besides the holidays freshmen are bright celebration teachers and Students' Day St. Valentine's Day, etc ...

 Every year, students of participating in exciting competitions in the period of "Week of mathematics , physics , computer science ," and " Decade of Physics and Mathematics " showing not only solid knowledge of professional disciplines , but also considerable acting talent in competitions such as " Mathematical KVN " . 

It should be noted that in such event involved not only students but also teachers who are extremely unites faculty and student team.

During the decade of Physics and Mathematics are also sports competition between teams of teachers and students in football, table tennis, chess tournament.

Extremely bright students celebrate «Andrew Party» New Year's Day, creating enchanting atmosphere of the faculty in the last days of December.

Our students are actively involved in all-university events and actions. This festival " pedagogical creativity ", " Student Spring ", " Song Opening Day ," " Miss University ", " Student CEC . Cup of Rector ", as well as various actions related to social work and events at other faculties.

Also, the faculty is made by student’s scientific societies and clubs of interest

Standing on the physical - mathematical faculty group is «PHYS - MATH TRAVEL».  Our students visited the picturesque corners of our country. In recent years there have been trips to Lvov, Odessa, Kam'yanets - Podolsky, visited the holy places of Pochayev et al. At the end of April will be a trip to Yaremcha town (which in Transcarpathia ), Bukovel, and the mountain Goverla.

The faculty also has a chess club Gambit, whose members not only organize chess tournaments , but also provide training play chess according compiled program .

The faculty is active club «mentoring senior." Union of the best graduate students, excellent students, consults with professional disciplines of mathematics, physics, and computer science for junior students. What is a good help to students in learning.

Only at our faculty is also standing student radio " Physics and FM», with constant driving, which is heard during the breaks between couples.

Our students are also members of various university groups: this choir dramatic circle, university dance group «Vis».

So joining us on the Physics and Mathematics, you can get not only solid knowledge but also want to spend their leisure time and realize them in other ways.

Physics is waiting for you!




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